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Are you ready to discover and bring forth the power of your way in 2009?

Are you looking for a clearer sense of who you are and what you have to offer to yourself, your family, your community and the world?

Then join us for this author lead, interactive 31-day exploration of this soulful book and group coaching program designed to support you in your personal journey into your inknown wisdom and higher truth and manifest the life you desire…

As you learn more about this incredible program, push play to learn more about what it means to Live the Power of YOUR Way…

Dear Seeker,

What does an authentic life look like to you?

Are you living with purpose and passion?

Are you fulfilled in your relationships, your career and health?

Have you learned to leverage your power to consciously create, un-create and clear obstacles to manifesting your greatest desires?

Do you sense there is something greater to discover about yourself, your connection to others, and your unique purpose in the world?

Are you envisioning breakthroughs in 2009 but know you will need some support to truly clear, attract, manifest and maintain a new vision for your life?

Are you tired of dreaming and ready to begin celebrating?

Are you ready to fully claim your power and purpose and LIVE IT IN 2009 and get hundreds of dollars of hand picked gifts from over 15 teachers and thought leaders rallying to help you make 2009 your Year to Consciously Co-Create?

If so, you have come upon a powerful opportunity designed to help you overcome, once and for all, any and all barriers that exist in your unconscious (and conscious) beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, language, relationships and energy.

If you are ready to discover and live The Power of YOUR way, set a powerful intention for 2009 and go beyond traditional New Year’s resolutions, The Power of Our Way Community Call in Program may be arriving into your awareness for a reason…a much bigger reason that you be consciously aware of today…one that will reveal itself through miracles and manifestations.

Session begins July 28th and runs through September 1st!

The group will meet for approximately ninety minutes during these sessions beginning on Tuesday, July 28th at:

 6:00 to 7:30 P.M. (EST)

Sessions continue on August 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th and September 1st!!

By engaging in short daily readings and introspective exercises and joining your journey partners in 6 weekly teleconferences, you will discover--as others before you--more of who you are as your best self.

Using The Power of Our Way and the transformational Power of Our Way Medicine Wheel™ tool together, you will design the blueprint for your future life and expand into the potential that is already yours.

Since 2004, The Power of Our Way Community Call in Program, has helped hundreds of people create sustainable positive changes in their lives.

Many have transformed relationships, found meaningful new careers, manifested new life partners, or pulled themselves out of depression because they discovered how to make shifts in their thinking that in turn transformed they way they showed up in the world.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your own shift, or explore new ways of responding to the world around you in order to improve your own life, please read on! Intuitively, you will know if The Power of Our Way speaks to your soul and if you are ready for this amazing journey into your divine wisdom.

For over four years I have guided hundreds of people just like you through a transformational 31 day process using my book, The Power of Our Way; A Path to a Collective Consciousness.

This is not a quick fix, magic bullet program. Rather, it is a way of living; a life-long, invaluable process of navigating day-to-day living, conscious co-creation and applying tools that will support you in Taking Responsibility for Your Own Shift™ so that you call forth more of the desired and less of the “undesired."

Intuitively, you will know if The Power of Our Way speaks to your soul and if you are ready for this amazing journey into your divine wisdom. And, we have prepared an incredible package of extra gifts that you will receive for simply investing in your own growth and expansion.

YES! I am ready to begin on July 28th and am reserving my space now so that I can get my book in time for the first of the six live calls!

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“I am so grateful for the experience of the Power Of Our Way Community Call-in program. I have gone through the process before on my own and have found working with the group (two months in a row!) has a wonderful reinforcement value. I am more accountable to myself and also more disciplined and focused. In the last 6 or so weeks I have become much clearer on what my purpose is. I am much gentler and kinder to myself and others. My authentic expression is from a gentle, sacred healing space in me. This realization has opened windows and doors in my world that I would not have not even recognized as opportunities two months ago. I could say much more. Simply put - this experience has been a wonderful discovery and limitation releasing experience. Anita and all the Call-in Community group members have my gratitude."

Heather Jenson, Canada

And now, you will also be introduced to The Power of Our Way Medicine Wheel™ a proven process that is changing lives around the world.

Together, we will help you;

  • design the blueprint for your future life in 2009
  • expand into the potential that is already yours,
  • receive greater levels of abundance that are waiting to be received,
  • celebrate healing that is ready to occur, and
  • manifest relationships that are simply waiting for you to clear what you need to clear in order to fully welcome them into your life.

In just 31 days, past participants have found this process of walking through The Five Dimensions of Evolutionary Transformation; Truth, Forgiveness, Healing, Peace and Power as a powerful path to clearing the clutter that had once gotten in the way of them truly manifesting and receiving incredible tangible and intangible results.

We will also explore the 6 Bridges to Transformation and the 4 Dimensions of Relationship as seen on The Wheel as we move through this powerful 31 day journey into your inknown…

I have already left my Testimonial after I had viewed "The Power Of My Way" movie...I stand by it and it speaks for itself.

A few days later I thought "Wow, if the movie impacted me this much, maybe I should check out Anita's book. What do I have to lose?" It turns out to be a 31-day "course"...a journey of self-exploration. It reminded me of something I had done close to 20 years ago called "A Course In Miracles", a year long journey to find "inner peace"...a very poular book to this day.

I have only good things to say about "A Course In Miracles". I do not have to wait any longer to share my experience. I am on Day 4 of Anita's "The Power of Our Way..." Course. Already in four days I have gotten more from this than a year of self discipline and commitment completing "A Course In Miracles". I am "blown away!" Anita has really stumbled onto something here.

I truly believe that Anita Pathik Law is this generation's emerging "star" author and that she and Brent Law's work together will give the Human Potential Movement its biggest boost it's ever experienced. That's just "all good" for the entire world! I don't easily endorse anything. In this case I will make an exception.

Buy the the CDs....DO the won't regret it!!

Ed Green, Pennsylvania

You will know that these sessions we have planned will be what supports you in SETTING A POWERFUL INTENTION FOR 2009!

Living the Power of Your Way is priceless and opens you to an amazing abundance of gifts that will be naturally revealed along the way!

Imagine if you could:

  • Create a much greater awareness about your thoughts, actions, and intentions
  • Develop a clearer vision for your life
  • Banish self-limiting beliefs
  • Replace self-destructive thought patterns with positive ones
  • Release yourself from the bondage of past resentments, guilt or grudges
  • Stay focused on your current goals
  • Understand how to work with your energy so that you are able to clear, heal and shift in just moments, not days, weeks or months!
  • Mend broken relationships
  • Forgive past hurts, in yourself and others
  • Experience a heightened level of inner peace
  • Find and increase self-worth
  • Improve self-confidence and self-image
  • Experience a sense of personal achievement
  • Release stories and non-serving beliefs that block you from attracting and manifesting your desires and dreams
  • Set priorities more effectively
  • Meet challenges with boldness and anticipation

Best of all, what if you could make these kinds of changes in your life by reflecting for just a few minutes each day for 31 days and then connecting with the author and a group of like-minded truth seekers for six weeks?

The Power of Our Way: A Path to a Collective Consciousness is a book … and so much more. It's a roadmap for principle-based growth and exploration that reaches out to people of all backgrounds, cultures, and faiths. Readers report remarkable life changes like the ones listed above. (You'll read some of their real-life stories in a minute.)

“Being part of The Power of Our Way Community has changed the trajectory of my life. I found the brilliance of the power of my way to lie in the questions/morning thought invokers as they helped me access my inner wisdom (I have long held the belief that what I get out of life is dependent on the questions I ask of myself and the world). By participating in the community call-in I benefitted greatly from Anita's wisdom and the questions that come up in Dialogue. I found what was alive for other participants was also relevant for me. The tools that Anita has developed and shares with call-in participants are meaningful, relevant, and easy to use. I can use the tools in any moment to shift my focus and return to my path/purpose. While I still find myself frustrated from time to time I am able to get myself out of that place relatively quickly and easily. By uncovering my core values and purpose, I was able to make sound decisions about how I wanted to serve in my spiritual community. Anita is inspiring, motivating, and a joy. I would encourage anyone how has the opportunity to participate in community call-in, intimate awakening sessions, and other activities of the Power of Our Way community."

Mary Elise Haug, Indiana

Within You Exists An Amazing Untapped Potential

Know this. Within you, there is an astounding potential; the potential for profound meaning, for deep fulfillment, and for intense joy. The potential to influence the world in ways you never imagined – even in the face of harsh reality or your current understanding of what is possible.

Within you exists the potential to influence the world in ways you never imagined – even in the face of harsh reality or your current understanding of what is possible.

It is common, however, to possess a limited awareness of your own potential; to get wrapped up in the day to day duties and responsibilities of life, and not take the time to consciously reflect on who you are and who you want and are meant to become.

"The Power of Our Way" is a powerful program. It challenges your self imposed limitations and inspires you to start to think bigger and dare to dream about your true potential. Reading through all the questions of the book and really put the answers on paper makes your own beliefs tangible and most importantly changeable."

Anke Lepke, Germany

To get started, once you sign up for our next program, you will receive:

  • Your very own signed copy of the groundbreaking book, The Power of Our Way; A Path to a Collective Consciousness and the Power of Our Way Companion CD in the mail, delivered straight to your front door.
  • Schedules and private phone numbers and pin codes for the six weekly tele-groups
  • MP3 recordings of each group that will be posted on a private page within 48 hours of each call
  • Over 15 additional bonuses, including several original songs, hypnotic meditations, audio recordings and other downloads from Anita and Brent Law.
  • A downloadable copy of The Power of Our Way Medicine Wheel™ a tool for individual and global transformation.
  • A link to retrieve several hundred dollars worth of additional free bonus gifts from thought leaders, teachers and authors who are joining you in support of a powerful 2009! (scroll down to look at this amazing gift package!)

Then, beginning on the first of April, we will meet by telephone for 6 consecutive weekly group sessions where you will enjoy;

  • A powerful weekly meditation and 90 minute telegroup session with Anita and your group members
  • Exploring and applying many uniquely powerful models, such as The Power of Our Way Medicine Wheel, The Energy Exponential Tool™, The Pure Potential Map™, and many others to support your journey.
  • Open question and answer sessions, masterminding tips and tools and incredible discussions with your private group of like-minded truth seekers and metaphysical masterminds!
  • An accountable, supportive space to clear conscious and unconscious obstacles to manifestation, conscious creation and attraction on both the individual, personal level and the global level.
  • Email access to Anita for any questions you have during the six week journey.
  • A hands on, author lead process that you will treasure and use for a lifetime.

All for only $147.00 if you register by July 21st! Price increased to $197.00 after that date!

YES! I am ready to begin on July 28th and am reserving my space now so that I can get my book in time for the first of the six live calls!

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“You changed my life. All I have to do to completely change my vibration and create a wonderful day is to read the corresponding day of your book aloud and write down the bolded affirmation. Then I keep it in my pocket and when challenged, I reread the sentence. So simple, I love it! Thanks to you lots of new wonderful people and opportunities have presented themselves. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

I am so grateful that you came into my life. I think of you often and send you loving thoughts through the cosmos clear from Arizona! Can you feel it?"

Love always,
Laurie, Community Call-in Graduate


I am ready to join my own group and begin to transform my life! Show me all the details about the dates, times and all of the FREE GIFTS that I receive when I register!

Each day for 31 days, you'll explore a different and profound theme of self-reflection. Each reading, and the questions that accompany it, will encourage you to dig down deep and discover who you really are … and who you want to become.

And, each week, for six weeks, you will meet with Power of Our Way author, Anita Pathik Law and your very own intimate circle of support; other readers and seekers who desire to create a deep sense of connection, clarity, and healthy, supportive relationships that support each of you in your own continuous evolution.

Day by day...layer by will uncover the best "you" possible. And then amazing things will begin to happen...

Listen To The Power Of Our Way Introduction




"For years I pored through numerous self help books, listened to untold numbers of audio tapes, attended workshops, seminars, constantly searching for directions and answers. What I got was information, messages, based on paths others had followed that didn't necessarily work for me. The Power of Our Way took me in another direction. Searching inward, I began to find answers that came from my authentic self, my inner guidance, and I emerged with a clearer picture of my values and a better sense of the direction I wanted to follow."

Arlene Berlin
PR Consultant and Fundraiser

"Since reading the book, my life has begun a transformation. I started a new job the same day that I started the book and coaching.  I've been through some rocky times with it, but by using the principles in The Power of Our Way, I have transformed the job into the perfect job for me right now. I'm learning things that I never would have exposed myself to before. I've also found the strength and courage to deal with some health issues that I had previously been content to live with. I'm seeing positive changes in that area. Also (and this is huge), I am taking the steps to finally get my finances in order after a lifetime of disarray in that area. I'm not 'there' yet, but I am certainly on my way. I feel more fully connected to all that is and seek to enhance that connection daily. Your work has been a real catalyst for these changes in my life. I will be eternally grateful to you for sharing it with me."

Durham, NC

"I'm now on my second journey of The Power of Our Way. This is not a book you just 'read,' you actually move along a beautifully directed path that prepares you for a lifetime of discoveries. The revelations for me have been moving and beautiful. As a single mom and business owner, the journey I take in the daily readings is a gift to me. Creating time to explore my higher self and our universe has resulted in excitement for the coming day, appreciation for my past and all it has given me, and calm in the present moment."

Kelly Patrick

Connect with your most authentic self

We all desire to feel special and unique. Yet all too often, in striving to achieve meaning and in seeking affirmation for our own special uniqueness, we have buried our authentic self.

And yet, it's precisely that authentic self that makes us so special.


Our authentic self is often buried in disappointments, limiting beliefs, and teachings that have been twisted to satisfy a need to feel superior to others.

I won't kid you. Finding authenticity in your life can sometimes be uncomfortable. It may require you to make some changes.

Yet if you step out in courage, and begin to explore who you really are … and who you want to become … you will transform your life into something far better and far more rewarding than you ever expected.

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start. So permit me to share with you an observation: when it comes to being authentic, it doesn't have to be big and dramatic.

And, you don’t need to do it on your own!

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start. So permit me to share with you an observation: when it comes to being authentic, it doesn't have to be big and dramatic.

Start small. 

The Power of Our Way Community Call-in Program makes it easy.

It enables you to look at your life, your thoughts, and your intentions, in bite-sized pieces.  It just requires a few minutes of your time each day to read the daily reading and think about the questions. It takes a few seconds to read aloud the affirmations. And then, very quietly, things will begin to shift.


Joe Vitale - author of The Attractor Factor

Listen to the audio of Dr. Joe Vitale's foreword for The Power of My Way. Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of the best-selling
The Attractor Factor.

I am ready to join my own group and begin to transform my life! Show me all the details about the dates, times and all of the FREE GIFTS that I receive when I register!

The Attractor Factor

For starters, when you speak the suggested positive affirmations to yourself, it actually affects the neural pathways in your brain. You are affirming the divine spark within you, that part of you that desires to be the best it can be.

And here's what's so amazing: even if you don't really believe the affirmation consciously, your subconscious believes it. And that means changes begin to occur at a very deep level.

The ideas and questions from the daily reading will stay with you all day. Gradually, you will begin to notice a change. You will feel more connected to your highest and best self. You will understand more clearly how to act by being true to that "best self." And most of the time, it will come very naturally.

Take Holly, for instance. Although she loved her job as a coach, The Power of Our Way helped her to realize that she was not using her gifts to the fullest or living out her highest purposes.

Her true passion? To work as a videographer and documentary maker. Today, because of The Power of Our Way, she is taking giant steps on her way to creating an authentic work life for herself.

Then there's Karen's story. Karen faced significant financial and career challenges. In working through the book, she developed a much clearer vision of what she wanted her life to look like. As a result, she decided to "get real" and took a big, scary step...

She put her home, which she loved, on the market. She realized that she had to let go of the house in order to be authentically responsible about her finances and achieve her ultimate vision for her life. 

A few years ago, I stumbled across this quote from Mahatma Gandhi that sums it up nicely:

Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. Our actions in the world are the greatest test of our insights and growth. If we can apply our spiritual insights to helping the world around us, then perhaps we are really learning something. If not, our concepts, ideas, or personal growth are surely suspect.

When you find your authenticity, you become a living expression of peace and fulfillment. This is where each of us – individually and collectively – will make a difference.

Something New for Power of Our Way Community Members!!

Medicine WheelIn 2007, during a series of meditations, Anita developed an incredible new tool that has already been instrumental in helping dozens of people discover new pathways to self actualization and personal growth.

The Power of Our Way Medicine Wheel™ is literally a roadmap to growth and harmony that can be used whenever a life challenge arises. Those who have learned to use the “Wheel" as a guide report that it has given them an amazing resource that they can lean on for help in a variety of challenging situations.

In 2009, mastering the art of using The Power of Our Way Medicine Wheel™ will be integrated into our Community Call in Program, and you will be taught to use it by Master Coach and Facilitator Anita Pathik Law.


YES! I am ready to begin on July 28th and am reserving my space now so that I can get my book in time for the first of the six live calls!

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The Power of Medicine Wheel™ –
A Tool for Individual and Global Transformation

A Tool For Global Transformation?

At Power of Our Way, we believe that global transformation begins one person at a time. If each of us really committed ourselves to growth—to being the best we could be—what would the world be like?

I attended the 6-week Community Call In Program and it has changed my life forever. Anita thoughtfully and carefully walks you through how to recognize your authentic self. There are 31 days of short daily readings accompanied by "Morning Thought Invokers." Each week you meet over the phone with a small group to discuss the week's reading and explore how it impacted your life. I highly encourage everyone to be part of this valuable program as part of their walk in life.

Theresa Phillips, Community Call-in Graduate

As you grow in consciousness, your ripples go out into the world to make a difference. Everyone you touch benefits from you own growth; so YES, this is a tool for global transformation, and you have just been invited to play your part in co-creating a better world by focusing on growing your own innate potential

If you are not sure whether this is the time, or the right tool, or if you have a place in this grand plan and vision, then let me ask you:

  • If not now, when?
  • If not this, what?
  • If not you, who?

Own your destiny! Fulfill your desires! Grow to be your best self!

Continue your journey through 2009 with the support of a proven process and a group of like minded people who, like you, is committed to their personal growth. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in seven weeks. We guarantee it!

PLUS…Take a Look at The Free Gifts You Will Receive when you register for the program... (includes the book, cd and 6 live groups) for only $147 when you register by March 1st, 2009!

Price goes up to $197.00 on March 2nd!!

A 90 minute MP3 Download and Handout for Breaking Barriers with Anita Pathik Law valued at $47!


A powerful 90 minute audio and handout will guide you through both the Pure Potential Mapping Process and the Self Coaching Tool that we will be utilizing during this 6 week program.

Four MP3 Downloads of original songs from Brent and Anita Law.

This unique collection includes “Return to Sane," “Path to Peace," “Quiet," and “Meditation," four original songs never before shared as downloads. Featuring the multi-talented Brent Law, you’ll enjoy both the lyrics and the magical instrumental included in this gift package valued at $8.

Special Audio Gift from the Rev. Dr. Lorraine Cohen!

Rebecca White at Heal Yourself Talk Radio speaks with Lorraine Cohen, founder of Powerfull-Living. In this 30 minute interview Lorraine shares insights and tips to manage and reverse negative self - talk so that you can move forward in all areas of your life. Valued at $37

The Ultimate Secret: 4 Steps to the Passion of Your Soul , 45-page e-Workbook from the Elevator to God, Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney!

What if you could ask a question that had the potential to change your life for the better, leading to the best possible results? Jam-packed with 12 exercises and 5 essential spiritual practices to help you live in the passion of your soul, this potent e-workbook guides you deeper within to experience your soul knowing. Discover the desires of your soul by following 4 Steps to open your heart to the truer parts of yourself. Along the way, angels will show you where confusion, pain and old beliefs lurk to sabotage your efforts so you can release them and change. The angels want to help you rise to your full potential and then bask in the glory of soul achievement that is greater than you could ever imagine! A $45 value!

Receive a powerful MP3 audio from Christine Kloser and Neale Donald Walsch valued at over $47!

Christine Kloser, founder of Love Your Life Publishing and Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations With God Series, are gifting you with an exclusive interview with Neale where he boldly speaks about The New Spirituality, a concept inspired by his powerful books.

It is not a new religion. Rather, it's a movement advocating that all religions and cultures regarding each other in a positive light, and moving from non-acceptance to full embrace of each other's differences. The dollar value of $47 is nothing compared to the soul-level value you will receive when you listen to this powerful dialogue!

Jackie Lapin's "Peace Vision" MP3 Download valued at $20!

The Peace Vision is one of 17 world visions from The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World, by Jackie Lapin. A beautifully rendered vision of a world without bombs, hate and genocide; a world of joyful peace! This meditative guided vision is perfect for your own meditation journey or for group visioning and is read by the author, Jackie Lapin. Vision the world peacefully and use your creative mind power to help make it a reality! Let's Consciously Create a world of compassion, love and cooperation. What we think, we create! Valued at $20!

Bestselling author, Darlene Braden from “What Stops You" shares gifts valued at over $97.00!


In addition to the highly acclaimed Balanced Living Wheel ebook, you will be supported in creating the life you want and will gain incredible insights into your personal and professional success formulas with both the eBook and two powerful audio downloads valued at over $97!

Two 90 minute audios and workbook from Anita Pathik Law and Paula Languuth Ryan, founder of Art of Abundance, are valued at over $99!

Paula Languuth Ryan is world renowned as the Irreverent Reverend and has been a leading facilitator of prosperity consciousness for over a decade! She is the author of Bounce Back from Bankruptcy and The Art of Tithing and is currently the spiritual leader at The Gathering. These two audios are powerfully rich in content and will assist you in Setting Powerful Intentions and teach you How to Use the Vibrational Energy of Language in your conscious creation journey! A workbook is included to assist you in setting powerful intentions for 2009!

Seven Critical Strategies for Living a Purposeful Life e-Book by H. Les Brown

H. Les Brown has been challenging men and women to discover new approaches to their personal and professional lives for over thirty years. Les is more than just an insightful change strategist, he is also the founder of ProActivation® and his work helps people move from the ordinary to the extraordinary . . . from where you are to where you want to be! This is a fabulous eBook, chock full of powerful processes and tools and is valued at over $24 !

Session begins July 28th and runs through September 1st!

The group will meet for approximately ninety minutes during this session on Tuesdays at:

 6:00 to 7:30 P.M. (EST)

Sessions continue on August 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th and September 1st!!

YES! I am ready to begin on July 28th and am reserving my space now so that I can get my book in time for the first of the six live calls!

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"Each day in The Power of Our Way begins with an inspiring meditation and some questions. They're big questions, the kind you normally don't ask yourself because you don't want to have to answer. Inevitably my responses pulled me toward my authentic self. The book holds many treasures but the greatest gift to me was the challenge to go deeper into my life's passion and purpose. I was able to recommit with joy to the path of awakening and the journey to live my truth. If each of us invested 20 minutes a day in the Power of Our Way, we would be happier and more productive people and the world would be a better place for all beings."

New Hampshire

"I have been doing The Power of Our Way for ten days, and my life is on fire! I am seeing things I have never seen before. I am in action, moving forward. I have changed so much, that not only has my relationship with my ex-wife been healed, she was so mystified by the changes I am making that she purchased 4 copies of the book for herself and three of her friends!"

Glen Burnie, MD

Realize your most cherished dreams – or discover new ones!

The Power of Our Way began as a series of meditative writings. In fact, it took a while to understand that I was writing a book that offered a unique progression of readings and exercises that was creating profound change with the first people with whom I shared the writings. At the request (actually the demand) of my very first readers, I published the first edition. When that first edition – a very limited print run – was published and I began to share the 31 day process with others - things began to happen.

Carol was one of the very first people to go through The Power of Our Way process. "When I went through the process on a daily basis," she says, "I could no longer ignore the potential I was hiding from the world."

At the time, Carol had surrendered to the "golden handcuffs" of her job at a Fortune 100 corporation. A 20-year employee, she had survived seven rounds of layoffs over the years and was very well paid.

But the job itself gave her little satisfaction. For over a decade, she had dreamed of working in a job that would allow her to create and facilitate training programs.

One day a little over a year ago, she left her job to pursue self-employment in her chosen field. Since then, even though her income is not as high as it was, her satisfaction level is far greater.

"What I've been able to do with less income has been astonishing," says Carol. "As a matter of fact, although the paycheck has been less, material prosperity has flowed to me in different ways. The unanticipated results have been astounding; net worth-wise, my prosperity has increased."

But best of all, Carol today has far more self-confidence, a healthier self-image, and the deep satisfaction of personal achievement.

And then there's Jean. For years, she worked for a mentally abusive man who was becoming more abusive every year. She feared leaving the job because she was uncertain that she could replace her high salary. 

But as she worked her way through The Power of Our Way, she reconnected with her self worth. She realized money was not the most important thing for her, and quit her job.

She found her ideal job soon after, working for someone who values and encourages her professionally and personally. Her new boss supports, nourishes, and appreciates her talents. In that climate, Jean has found that she's able to realize her gifts to the highest potential.

And there's Kelly's story, too. Several years ago, Kelly decided to leave a secure job in the hospitality industry and launch her own business in the creative industry. She wasn't as prepared as she thought she was, however, and the first two years were rocky. 

As a single mom supporting two children, fear and anxiety took hold and Kelly began to lose hope. Then one day, she opened up the copy of The Power of Our Way that someone had given her. She knew that she would only be happy doing creative work, and the book gave her the courage and the tools to stay the course.

Today, Kelly's business has turned the corner. She is now confident and self-assured that she has what it takes to make her business a success.

I met Anita in June of this year and can honestly say that it has changed my life. I joined Anita for the Awakening to Purpose Class in July and then followed up with the Peace Experience in October and Community Call-In in December of 2006.

The strength and power of belonging to a group of seekers such as this has been an incredible experience. I have felt their strength and energy as I have done my internal work and can only hope they have felt mine in their work. My life and the flow of energy/change are very strong right now. My path to healing and growth has been supercharged in ways I could not even imagine. I am moving more and more into the path of Joy and Being. My own issues are being brought to the front so they can be understood, forgiven and healed. It has not always been a comfortable process for me, but it has been a powerful and a healing one.

I would recommend to anyone, no matter where they are in life, to join with Anita in her work. It will change your life for the better.

Anita and the Power of Our Way Community have been an amazing blessing for me!

Jean Wible, Baltimore, Maryland

Make a profound difference in the world

Maybe you've heard of the "butterfly effect" – the idea that the flapping wings of a single butterfly set the air in motion in such a way that it impacts weather patterns across the globe. It's more than a poetic idea – it's a real, documented phenomenon. The Power of Our Way is like the butterfly effect, but it goes far beyond that. 

Here's why.  When you are working on a daily reading – say, Equality – so are thousands of others. Here's an excerpt from that reading:

Today I see the grace and gifts within all whose paths I cross. I bless the existence and contributions of all human beings as we all journey on the path.  I honor each individual as equal under the eyes of God, and I connect to my ability and desire to see all as God sees.  I choose to honor the image in which all individuals were created.  Everyone I meet is a reflection of God's grace and creativity.  I release all judgment against others and see people as mirrors for my own growth and Truth consciousness. When I experience non-judgment I have an opportunity to love unconditionally.

Thought invoking questions will prompt you to examine your heart and dig down deep to uncover ways that you can truly and authentically embrace equality. 

Questions like "What does equality mean to you?" and "How can you embody a sense of equality when interacting with others?" … and tough ones like, "How can you honor those who do not perceive you as their equal?"

Can you imagine how profoundly it will change you when you start out every day like this?

Can you imagine how it will affect the way you interact with others – your difficult neighbor, the young woman behind the counter at Starbucks, the homeless man panhandling in the median strip at a major intersection? 

No matter who they are or what they're like, regardless of class, gender, appearance, ethnicity, culture, or belief system … you will begin to see people with new eyes.

It will change you deeply, and it will last far longer than one day. It will profoundly affect how you interact with others; will expand your understanding of the co-creative power you have to influence incredible change.

Now magnify that by the thousands and thousands of people who will be focusing on exactly the same thing, on the same day. Concepts like responsibility, surrender, synchronicity, choice, release, gratitude, diversity, giving, receiving, beauty, and purpose.

The progression through the weekly themes takes you through an exploration of truth, forgiveness, healing, peace and power. In all, The Power of Our Way guides you through meditations and thought invoking exercises on 36 different core principles to leading an authentic life fueled by passion, purpose, and a deep connection with the collective consciousness that will lead to profound healing and unity.

Can you imagine the impact on incidental daily interactions, on communities, on nations?

This process is called "collective consciousness," and if you think it's a little farfetched, take comfort – you're in the majority. "Collective consciousness" is not something most of us have given much thought to.

Let's face it: most of us are on “automatic pilot" much of the time and are not always fully conscious to the cause and effect of our thoughts and actions. But here's an exciting thought: there's abundant scientific, peer-reviewed evidence that collective consciousness is a very real phenomenon, with the power to effect positive change across large populations.

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Anita Pathik Law, CFCC, MSMC
Anita Law

Anita Pathik Law is CEO of Annapolis, Maryland based Dare Dreamers, LLC and the visionary behind The Power of Our Way and its supporting programs, coaching and music.

The daughter of a Hindu father and Christian Mother, and a long time student of ancient wisdom, diverse spiritual teachings and practices and energy consciousness, Anita draws on her rich spiritual heritage in all of her work. Her mission is “To Move Individuals and Organizations Out of Thought and Into Action" and her soul purpose is to raise consciousness around the globe and to build bridges of higher understanding within self, relationships, in business and leadership, and across cultures and religions.

As a Certified Franklin Covey Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Coach, and a licensed facilitator of a number of Stephen Covey’s programs, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People™, Anita draws on her professional training in cognitive behavioral methodologies, coaching, spirituality, consciousness, healing modalities, and over 14 years working in law enforcement, in her current work with clients around the globe.

Anita is the host of “Conscious Dialogues”and in addition to speaking at international conferences and working with individual coaching clients, spiritual teachers and leaders, Anita’s corporate clients have included executives and leaders in the Departments of Defense, Transportation and Homeland Security, GlaxoSmithKline, ING Canada, REMAX, Slim and Tone Inc., and numerous small to large private, public and non-profit businesses around the world.

An An avid writer, lyricist, and cultural creative, Anita lives in Annapolis, MD with her husband, and musical partner, Brent Law, her children and numerous little creatures.

Human resources expert and collective consciousness researcher Dr. Robert Kenny puts it this way:

Once this awareness develops, individuals – because they now perceive themselves as mutually interdependent parts of a larger whole -- develop an authentic, abiding and primary concern and care for common good and for the well being, health and productive functioning of the communities to which they belong (including organizations and, eventually, the global community).

In fact, an abundant – and growing – body of peer-reviewed research indicates that our thoughts and intentions, individually and collectively, affect others in measurable ways.

For instance:

  • A 1993 study found that violent crime in Washington, D.C. declined significantly – by 23% - in a meditation experiment involving 4000 individuals.
  • In a study of 24 US cities, 1% of the population practiced transcendental meditation, (also known as TM) for a designated period of time.  By the conclusion of the experiment, crime had dropped by 22%.  In control cities, where there was no coordinated effort of TM, crime actually increased between 2 and 53% for the same period of time.
  • A year long study of Christian and non-denominational intercessory prayer for cardiac patients resulted in a 10% decrease of patients' cardiac symptoms, shorter hospital stays, and fewer undesirable medical events.

  • In over 150 controlled studies of distant healing intervention since the 1960's, approximately 100 of them have yielded statistically significant healing effects.

  • More than 20 experiments on meditation published in respected scientific journals demonstrated that focused meditations by a small portion of the population improved quality of life (as measured by widely accepted indicators) and correspondingly reduced crime, accidents, and socio-political conflicts.


Now, put that in the context of The Power of Our Way.  Imagine if ten thousand people – or a hundred thousand or even a million – were all doing this level of inner work at the same time, on the same day of every week, every month, every year. What impact would it have on the world?

With The Power of Our Way, you'll have the opportunity to find out. You'll be part of an international community effecting change not only in your own life, but also impacting your family, community, and the world.

Equip yourself for everyday life 

The Power of Our Way is not just for times when extraordinary feats of courage or brilliant flashes of insight are required. The readings are applicable in any and all areas of your daily life and amidst your most mundane routines.

Here are just some of the results that readers have reported:

One Power of Our Way reader, Bob, was building a new coaching business in January of 2005, at the same time he was using the book for his daily meditations. The Power of Our Way inspired him to come up with his business's tagline: "Live your truth, lead with clarity." 

When Angela's company laid off large numbers of people in her department, Angela was able to be there for them emotionally as well as professionally. She was able to stay focused and put a plan in place to get more work done with a smaller staff. But more importantly, in a difficult and stressful situation The Power of Our Way equipped her to offer emotional support and comfort to her colleagues and coworkers.

In fact, many readers find the book so life changing, and so integral to their self-growth, that they work through the process again and again. For instance, there's Karen, who travels constantly for her work. She takes The Power of Our Way on the road with her to help keep herself centered and balanced. She says it's like a Bible to her.

Other readers report being on their third or fourth journey through the book. They all observe that it's a different experience each time, because they're in a different set of circumstances and face different challenges. No matter how many times they've read it, they always glean new and powerful insights from it.

Give yourself this amazing, life-changing gift. The Power of Our Way Community Call in Program with author, Anita Pathik Law, is a way to connect to yourself, your inner wisdom and truth. You will develop life-long relationships with a community of people who are meant to meet you!

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Why not “just read” the book?

Have you ever bought a book that you knew could have a powerful impact on your life and then never applied the concepts and principles, or worked the process that attracted you to the book in the first place?

Have you gotten some results with various Law of Attraction of manifestation processes but still lack the momentum and results you desire?

Have you started a new program, like a diet for example, and within a few days fallen off the wagon, ultimately feeling worse about yourself than when you started?

If you answered yes to those questions then you already understand the value of a comprehensive program.

Some people have “just read” The Power of Our Way and they tell us that the experience is like reading a book of poetry:  beautiful words, inspiring messages, good feelings abound. A quick read does not bring about change, however.

Those people who commit to the daily reading and introspection process tell us that positive change in their outlook and their life experiences begins within the first few days.

And for those committed individuals who join a Community Call-in group, those changes take hold, becoming sustainable even after the 6 week program is complete!

The Community Call-In Group was not something that was planned. In fact, it was the very first group of readers that caused Anita to begin a group coaching process.

Shortly after the release of the first edition, an amazing thing happened.

Every morning, she began receiving phone calls from readers. Sometimes, her phone began ringing as early as 5:30 in the morning.

They were blown away by what they were discovering about themselves.

Some days were energizing and exciting, some days were tough – tough because they were being asked questions and reading concepts they had never thought of.  Within a few days the first group of “test” readers was literally demanding that Anita begin a group.

So, she did. And the Community-Call-in Program was born. In fact, four of her very first readers are now working on her team. That was how much the book and the community call-in group impacted them!

You see, The Power of Our Way is a process. It is a 31 day journey into your inknown truth and wisdom. The Power of Our Way is an opportunity for your heart and soul to emerge and reveal higher level truths about yourself, your potential, and your future life –the future life you have the power to create. The Power of Our Way creates major shifts in your consciousness, and therefore your outlook, beliefs, and your behaviors.

Time and time again, our Community Call-In members experience incredible shifts, fabulous synchronicities, and make major changes in their lives.

  • They find their passion again.
  • They heal damaged relationships and most of all;
  • They become incredibly empowered by actively participating in their own self discovery, in partnership with a group of fellow seekers all committed to spiritual and practical transformation

Our 6-week, author lead Power of Our Way Community Call-in coaching program offers readers of this life changing book an opportunity to share and deepen their journey as they travel together through the evolutionary process offered through the daily readings and self-coaching exercises.

Meet with “Power of Our Way” author, Anita Pathik Law and your small, intimate group, one time a week for six weeks as you explore and discover the Power of Your Way.

YES! I am ready to begin on July 28th and am reserving my space now so that I can get my book in time for the first of the six live calls!

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Join me, as we travel through the Five Dimensions of Evolutionary Transformation™, using the book and The Power of Our Way Medicine Wheel™ and co-create a powerful collective energy - masterminding and traveling the same path together.

All in all, here is what you receive when you join this transformational group!

  • Receive an autographed copy of "The Power of Our Way, A Path to a Collective Consciousness" and the companion CD with all of the recorded meditations found in the book.
  • Attendance at 6, live, author lead group tele-sessions with other readers from around the world.
  • A complimentary gift package of specifically selected audios, eBooks and other gifts each offering a special focus and added support as you move through the 31 day process. Click here to see the bonuses

This incredibly unique and life-changing Power of Our Way Community Call-in Program, including the book, companion CD, six weeks of group sessions, over 7.5 hours of exclusive bonus audios with workbooks is only $197.00! only $147.00 if you register by July 21st!

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YES! I am ready to begin on July 28th and am reserving my space now so that I can get my book in time for the first of the six live calls!

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Wishing you authenticity, passion, and joy,

Anita Pathik Law, CFCC, MSMC


I know that change is sometimes scary and intimidating. Exploring your truth may in fact help you understand how much power you have to initiate change in your life. I, along with your very own group of like-minded supporters, will be there every step of the way. We will all grow in consciousness together and together we will celebrate the many victories and blessings you will experience as you move through this process.

I am looking forward to meeting you and am grateful for the opportunity to share the Power of Our Way journey with you in a more personal and intimate way! Just click here to select your group days and times and I’ll “see” you soon!

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